The Hottentots who inhabit the Desert in what was once called Southwest Africa, down at the end of the continent, are the remnants of a race that once covered almost all of Africa below the Sahara. They are now almost extinct. They would be extinct if the white man had not come when he did.

This tiny remnant is now called the Capoid race. Today's blacks, who took Africa from them only recently, are called Congoids.

Nobody cares. The Hottentots don't have any votes or money, so nobody mentions it.

The black race of today did not give the Capoid race reservations and reparations when they took their land the way we did for the Indians. No black man has ever felt the slightest tinge of guilt about driving the Capoid race off its land and out of existence.

None ever will.

In the days of slavery, that slavery we feel so guilty about, blacks were wiping out the Capoids and taking their land. When poor little Kunte Kinte was taken by blacks and sold to whites (no white man ever captured a black man the way the fictional television miniseries Roots depicted it), the poor little black race was committing full-scale genocide against the Capoids.

No black will ever feel the slightest tinge of guilt about this and no one will ever expect him to. There's no money in it.