FRANKLY MY DEAR... | 2003-01-18

How do I stand on the war in Iraq? Do I think it is moral or evil? I am told I must worry about how it affects Iraqis and Israelis and whether it is moral to attack Iraq while we let North Korea get away with worse.

How do I stand on abortion? How do I stand on Family Values, prayers in school, the interest rate, nuclear proliferation, the infrastructure, the environment, labor unions, congressional pay, welfare reform, and so on and so on and so on.

I have some opinions on most things, but most things are not that important to me. On most issues I frankly don't give a damn.

You have to be economical about the number of ideas you are loyal to and the number of people you are loyal to.

A person who is loyal to everything is loyal to nothing. Every traitor claims that he is not being disloyal, he is just being Idealistic and Objective.

Our latest traitor, the American Taliban John Walker, honestly believes that he is not disloyal for being against America because his version of Islam is good for all mankind.

If you extrapolate from the astonishing revelations from KGB files, thousands of Americans worked for Stalin's Soviet Union against the United States. Every one of them felt that he was just being for the Universal Truth of Communism and against provincial prejudice.

Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev says that "Treason to the white race is loyalty to humanity." If you take a routine history course that blames white people for everything the way Hitler blamed the Jews for everything you have to agree with Ignatiev.

Every "Lincoln Republican" I know agrees with Ignatiev and won't say so. He is not honest enough to say so.

National Pro-Life leaders say that their only loyalty is to little babies of all races. They want a colored world as badly as any liberal does. This, they say, is not hatred of their own race, but loyalty to all humanity.

National "Christian" spokesmen are working to get colored children adopted into every white region of America. Ignatiev would certainly approve, but he and his fellow non-Christian leftists could not accomplish this for themselves.