On Chris Matthews, one of the commentators said something that, for a second, sounded really good. He said, "Bush's inaugural speech was an attack on multiculturalism."

That sounded too good to be true. And it was.

To me, "multiculturalism" is a liberal code word. If liberals achieve their policy, every white majority country will be transformed into a brown country that will be exactly like every other brown country that used to have a white majority.

Liberal policy dictates that each formerly white school and each formerly white area have a prescribed "racial balance" dictated by liberal social experts. In other words, what liberals call multiculturalism would make all formerly white countries exactly the same - each would become a socially planned culture with uniformly brown skin.

Any hope that Bush may have his doubts about this genocidal "multicultural" policy would be a welcome surprise

No such surprise was forthcoming. The commentator who said that Bush had repudiated multiculturalism was speaking Lincolnese. He, too, wants uniformly brown skin and a uniform culture in every country that presently has a white majority. His only disagreement with liberals is about WHICH uniform culture needs to be imposed.

Liberals want to subject all America to a single "multiculture" dictated by social scientists. Conservatives want to impose a single culture as dictated by New England through New York.

Those who read NATIONAL REVIEW will know what I am talking about. NR wants those Confederate flags ripped down as much as any liberal does.

So both the liberal and conservative establishments agree on one thing: Whitey's gotta go and "regionalism"(they call it "tribalism") must go.

Liberals want to destroy all traces of any particular INTERNAL American diversity and impose nonwhite cultures. Conservatism wants to impose New England culture on us all. They call that true Americanism, as did Lincoln.

The conservative ideal is open borders for cheap labor. That would make America "racially diverse." But it would be united by an imposed version of East Coast culture.

Colin Powell is certainly the epitome of conservative "Unity." He is black, but in every other way he is a Nelson Rockefeller. The New England ideal has always been to have a Jackie Robinson or a Colin Powell at their home for tea, while the rest of white Americans get mixed with Harlem.

When conservatives attack "multiculturalism," they are not thinking the same way we do when we attack it. The South and the Midwest and the West are just as alien to them as immigrant cultures are to us.