Those who look at Whitaker Online once a week will not know that we have been doing daily updates since the terrorist attacks. These articles are all below, the latest ones first.

To round off the week I want to return to the bottom two article here, SUPERTERRORISM, November 21, 1998, and LEFTISTS SHOW US HOW NOT TO DEAL WITH TOMORROW'S TERRORISM, April 1, 2000.

Those were the two reprints our webmaster Virgil Huston decided to put on in the wake of the attack. His editorial judgment was right on target as usual.

Recently I saw two TV discussion shows talking about whether the World Trade Towers should be rebuilt. As liberals and good respectable conservatives always do, each panel ended up with everybody agreeing. But one group unanimously agreed they should be rebuilt to spite the terrorists and the other unanimously agreed that they shouldn't.

Another newscast mentioned that the stock market will open Monday, but 20% of its communications were in the World Trade Center. So they said that this will slow trading JUST AS IT DID AFTER THE LAST ATTACK ON THE WORLD TRADE CENTER.

A lot of people want us to build those targets again, so the next attack will hobble our financial institutions again.

The theme of the two last articles here has been a WOL theme since the outset

We now have the means to spread out. We no longer need to huddle our communications, our industry, and our population -- in other words, our terrorist targets -- together in big cities.

But our ruling planners are all in cities. I am afraid this will not occur to them until a true "super terrorist" attack finally occurs.