FINGERPRINTS | 2000-04-08

A study shows that women with hands that are shaped more like men's hands are more often lesbian than those who don't have this feature. This is statistical CORRELATION. This does NOT mean that ALL women with man-like hands are lesbians. It means that a few MORE of them are.

We have the same sort of general correlations with IQ. Height CORRELATES with IQ. That is, the average tall man is more intelligent than the average small man. But Napolean was smarter than almost anybody. Health also CORRELATES with IQ. People with better brains TEND to have better health. But the greatest expert on cosmology -- the physical nature of the universe -- is confined to a wheel chair.

What really convinced me that this lesbian study was valid was that a social scientist declared it was "simplistic." Just about every time a liberal social scientist says something is "simplistic" it turns out to be right. It turns out that common sense is right, and the liberal social scientist can't stand that. Which is why they're always wrong.

Lesbianism is a male characteristic in a woman. So are male-like hands. It makes sense they would CORRELATE. Naturally, a liberal social scientist has to say that any study which bears out common sense can't be right.

Which is another way of saying that if common sense is right, leftism is wrong.