The American justice system is exactly like that Tibetan monastery. Well-fed lawyers and judges trade pointless prattle while real justice starves.

For every underpaid cop who is out there protecting us, there is a judge and several lawyers who get good money to go through procedures that do nobody any good.

The dumbest creature on the Planet Earth is the guy who thinks he is Really Shrewd and Realistic.

One of the things a Shrewd and Realistic Guy loves to say is, "Justice is for sale in America."

Sounds realistic, doesn't it"

Sounds Tough, doesn't it.

Like about everything the Shrewd person says, it's childish.

The rich do not buy justice in America. The rich buy ACQUITTAL in America. If justice were the same thing as acquittal, we could all have justice just by abolishing the police force.

Justice does not mean more appeals or less appeals. Justice does not mean more acquittals or less.

Justice means balancing the safety of citizens against the legal rights of those being tried. Let the wrong one out, and somebody dies. Has the law ever executed an innocent person? You bet it has. Every time a violent criminal goes back out on the streets and kills somebody, the law has executed an innocent person.

I say a person who is killed by a released violent offenders is the same as if the state had executed an innocent man. Those who worship The Law say that the life of a crime victim is nothing compared to the life of an innocent person who is executed by The Law.