Janet Reno has appointed Senator John Danforth to look into the Waco mess. Both liberals and respectable conservatives say this is a great choice. Why I am not reassured by this?

In a decades-long political career, Danforth has never once outraged liberals. He is therefore eminently respectable and has Janet Reno's full endorsement.

John Danforth has invested all this time in never offending the establishment. Now who really believes he is going to risk all that by exposing a cover up or doing any thing else really serious? I wish they would give me one percent of the millions Danforth is going to spend, and let me write his report for him. I was a professional senior staffer for years, and I have written many speeches and many, many statements and many, many reports for the big dogs. I could write Danforth's report now.

This is the report: Waco was a screwup, but everyone was honest and above-board. Nobody is really to blame. It was tragic and inexcusable, though everybody will be excused. I could have the report ready for you in less than a week, and save us all a lot of time and trouble.