After World War II Jews in Europe pushed through Hate Laws in Europe which are exactly like Stalin's. If you even say in a restaurant that less than six million Jews died under the Nazis, you are given an automatic one-year sentence in prison.

Any other form of criticism about Jews gets you straight into prison. This law now applies to any white gentile criticism of any group that is not white and gentile.

The ironic thing about this is that Europe will be fifty percent Moslem by 2050. And the average European Moslem likes Jews less than Hitler did.

Once again what is happening is as surprising as the sun coming up in the morning. Jews are going to be sent to prison in droves under the Hate Law they passed.

This process has already begun in Russia. A display put on by a Jewish group in a Jewish building was declared to be insulting to the Orthodox Church. The Jews were convicted and sentenced to TWELVE YEARS in prison. Only a world outcry by World Jewry got this sentence commuted to a heavy fine.

Over five thousand very prominent Russians have petitioned to have Judaism declared to be a form of Hate Speech. They quote extensively from the Talmud and other official Jewish documents as evidence for this claim.

These statements are still an integral part of Jewish doctrine. If they were in the official documents of any other religion, a person preaching that religion would receive the automatic one-year sentence in Europe. If he remained a part of that faith, he would be given a second, longer sentence.

Do you really think the ever-growing Moslem vote in Europe is going to ignore this opportunity as their power grows?

And once this policy becomes firmly established in Eastern and Western Europe, do you think that every word the proponents of Hate Laws have said will not come back to destroy them here?