DON'T FEED THE BEARS | 2004-12-04

There is a reason that wildlife parks ask people not to feed the bears. And it isn't because they will become fat and lazy like the squirrels around Washington, D.C. parks (not to mention most of the bipeds in that city). No, it is because they will come to expect being fed, and become very hostile and violent and kill or maim some unsuspecting tourist.

Bears do that because that is how bears are. Respectable Conservatives betray their constituents because that's how they are. When Bob Dole said during the 1996 Republican Convention that "whether your ancestors were here before the Revolutionary War or you just crossed the Rio Grande, you're just as much an American," it didn't mean that he had a high view of Mexicans or other non-whites. It means that he thinks of YOU as just another wetback.

When George Bush DEMANDS amnesty for 10 million illegals because "we need concessions from Mexico" that is like me saying that I ask my dog for advice. It takes complete contempt for one's audience to say that.

What on earth do we need from Mexico? The only reason Vicente Fox should ever come near the White House is to rake leaves.

So the next time you encounter a Bush zombie, or a drooling "Hannitized" moron, realize that they aren't just slightly mistaken. They aren't just picking the "lesser of two evils." They are feeding the bears.