Members of the League of the South know the Kennedy brothers much better than they do me. Ron and Don Kennedy are founders of the League and authors of our authoritative book.

Don appeared Tuesday night/Wednesday morning from 12:05 AM to 12:35 on "Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher", representing Southern Nationalism. There was a country music man who also represented the Southern point of view.

There was, of course, the standard black who represented the screaming anti-Southern point of view. Roy Innis might have had an interesting and unexpected perspective. So might William Raspberry, the national black columnist from North Carolina.

Which is why Maher didn't invite Innis or Raspberry.

The point of having a routine black person was to have somebody to shout about how Southern independence would violate minority rights. All over the world, there is one consistent rallying cry used to crush every independence movement. That cry is "Minority Rights." If you can't deal with that line face on, you should get out of the independence movement and do something you can handle.

Also on the program was a loud-mouthed retard from Scotland. I never quite got the point of this screaming moron being included. His opinions were standard European, which means they were the same as the Boston Globe. Maher had another Scottish moron on two nights later, for no particular reason. He seems to have some private agreement with the League of Feeble Minded Scots.

Don did one thing right. He shut up that loudmouthed Scot. Don said, "You may be a great comedian, but you don't know a thing you're talking about", or something similar, and the raucous shouts died down some.

Don showed no nervousness at all, but Maher did. I would like to ask Don if he had talked with Maher beforehand. It may be that he and Don had had it out before the show. It may also be that Maher is used to having respectable conservatives on his show, and is not used to dealing with anything that is really Politically Incorrect.

This latter point was made, of all things, by The New Yorker Magazine!

But Don blew all his advantages, and everything went as expected. The outraged black person said anyone who disagreed with liberal race policy wanted to firebomb little girls. This is a version of the familiar "anyone who disagrees with me is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews."

Don tacitly agreed by doing the Southern Crawl.

The Southern Crawl did the same good it always does: the black person was still outraged as ever. All it accomplished was what the Southern Crawl always accomplishes: it got the Southerner off message.

The purpose of the "enraged black" tactic is to force one to say everything is "just wunnerful" in the New South. But if everything is just wonderful in the New South, why secede? You'll learn to live with whatever the Yanks do to us, and thank them for it. When someone uses any version of the anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews tactic - including the enraged black version -- you are absolutely lost if you do not immediately go on the attack

Call them on it: "Are you accusing me, in front of this audience, of wanting to kill little girls?"

"We simply cannot have a rational discussion if you are allowed to accuse me of being a murderer."

"Are you saying that everyone who wants socialism wants to murder millions of people the way Stalin did? If you can't say that about a leftist, why can you accuse a rightist of being a murderer the same way?"

You can attack THEIR solutions: "No, we do not want a Harlem in the South. You say the North has the perfect solution on race. I think you're wrong. I don't think what we have is working well. But we can't discuss it while you are screaming murderer at me."

The point is to force THEM to defend their insane anaziwhowsantstokillsixmillionjews crap instead of going into the old bellyflop Southerners are expected to do.

Anything, ANYTHING but the standard old Southern Crawl!!!!

Bill Rusher wrote the introduction of my first book, A Plague On Both Your Houses. In his national column, he said, "What makes Whitaker so interesting is that he manages to put daylight between his position and those of both the liberals and conservatives without wandering off into eccentricity and while remaining quintessentially American."

Until the League can do this, it has no place in real world politics.

When Maher said no one wanted to secede, Don agreed, more or less

"Not enough do", said Don.

Secession is all over the world, including Quebec and 28% of the vote in Alaska. But you would never know it from what Don said.

Off message again.

Maher started the program with another standard tactic: he read off the only point he agreed with Don on, which was restricting the franchise. In short, he wanted to get off Don's message,and offered Don his approval if Don would go for it.

Don went for it.

Rule One in any form of politics is to stay on message. I am a League member. I have been a Southern Nationalist since my preteens. But I was left mystified by the end of the program as to why Don wanted to secede.

Our spokesman must be better prepared than this next time, or we should get out of separatism and leave room for someone who knows what they are doing to take our place.

For the cause, we must be frank: What Don did was far, far worse than useless, and we need to learn from our mistakes.

Lake High has come up with something that might just work. It boils down to this: we are in a war for our independence, and a war requires training. Unlike National HQ, the SC League TRAINS its people regularly.

They should learn, a) what the tactics of the other side are - nothing could have been more predictable than the ones Maher used, b), what our message is, and c), how to stay on message.