Everybody knows that David Duke got sent to a prison where he stood an excellent chance of being murdered because he earned it. The Federal Government wanted him dead.

The Federal Government wanted David Duke dead because he scared the hell out of them. Everybody thought they had beaten the South into total submission to race mixing, and then Dave came with a fraction of a percent of becoming of Louisiana.

I have been in hardball politics for half a century. Anybody who doesn't know that Dave actually won that election is not just naive, he is a damned fool.

I was a poll-watcher during the 1968 election in Chicago. I saw the Dailey Machine up front and personal. Absolutely everybody who was in real Chicago politics when the Daily Machine was at its height has any doubt at all that Mayor Dailey personally made sure that John Kennedy won the 1960 election for John Kennedy over Richard Nixon. Kennedy needed a few votes in Chicago to in with the state of Illinois, and that was what gave him his tiny majority over Nixon in the Electoral College.

It took all night, but Kennedy needed those Chicago votes and sure enough he got them.

Let me tell you something. When it comes to enforcing its racial policies, the Feds and the Louisiana political establishment make the Daily Machine look a bunch of pansies. They needed a few votes to beat David Duke and they sure as hell got them.

If you think that those votes were real, you are a damned fool.

Let us look at what Dave's experience teaches us about the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Over seventy years, the Federal Government did one thing right. They got Al Capone on income tax charges. It was the last creative idea the United States Government ever came up with, and that was seventy years ago. It is pathetic that when the Feds are out to get somebody, the only arrow they have in their quiver is still the same on they came up with a human lifetime ago.

That is really pathetic.