CRACKING THE WHIP | 2005-01-29

One doesn't reason with animals because they aren't capable of reason. Human beings are. That is why words are important. Words must have fixed meanings if rational communication is to occur.

How could you ever build a bridge or even bake a cake if the number 4 sometimes meant 17, sometimes 3? How can you have a rational conversation with words used as weapons to bludgeon people as if they were animals?

Real Christians are bound to live by the same standard they apply to everyone else. Jesus summed it up in the "Golden Rule."

The religion called Political Correctness has no fixed standard. It grows at the whim of its priesthood, just as the Roman Caesars claimed godhood and unlimited authority, and created laws on a whim. The Christians were persecuted because they disputed the right of the Caesars to do so. The Romans didn't care what gods anyone worshipped in private, as long as they recognized Caesar's godlike authority in temporal matters.

The professor-priesthood of the religion of Political Correctness doesn't even stop at that. They want to dig into everyone's private thoughts. Where are they willing to draw the line?

They have created a monster, which feeds off the innocence of college students and the enormous taxes and tuitions siphoned out of the public. They use words as mere weapons to beat down any opposition.

Look at how fearful one of the students in the documentary was of being branded a "racist" in his permanent record. Look at what the school administration was calling racist. He was posting fliers with the title of a Black author's book. He didn't make it up.

"Conservatives" try to be respectable, ingratiating themselves to the left. They praise MLK, condemn "racism," and talk about "real diversity." When you accept the premises of Political Correctness by accepting their language and morality, you are on a very slippery slope. In fact, you've already lost the battle.