Conservatives want new laws against child pornography. Liberals want Hate Laws so that they can put right-wing political heretics in prison the way they do in Europe. See March 16, 2002 - GOING TO PRISON FOR HATE IN EUROPE.

Here is how liberals are going to get their Hate Laws. Conservatives will pass special censorship laws for the Internet, and liberals will add on Hate provisions. To prove they are as much against Hate as liberals are, conservatives will support them.

Law enforcement doesn't enforce the child pornography laws we have. Today, the law is too busy putting the criminals back into the prison that Social Progress keeps letting them out of.

Conservatives talk about the wonderful past, when child pornography and drugs were not in the schools. But they have not the slightest idea how that was accomplished. You can't be a modern conservative if you know any real history.

The reason we did not have child pornography and drugs in the schools in the old days was not because we passed more laws. We had a very direct and effective way of dealing with such "hideously complex, intricate, and almost insoluble problems."

It had nothing to do with passing laws.

When I was in school. if a Dentsville School parent heard of a child predator going after his children, he would kill the bastard. The sheriff and the local prosecutor would look the other way or pat him on the back.

In other words, the people did what every respectable conservative and every liberal condemns more loudly than any exploitation of children

We took the law into our hands.

You see, it was OUR country. They were OUR children. We were responsible for them.

This is heresy to both liberals and conservatives today. "America" to them is an abstract set of principles, not a group of people. Least of all is America US. America is Freedom or Equality or the Statue of Liberty, not a collection of mere human beings ( See May 15, 1999 - WORDISM).

Today's mantra is "Leave it to the Authorities." You pass a law and your job is over. The result is that we get lots and lots of new laws that are enforced ONLY if they do what the liberal bureaucrats want done.

So the conservatives will push through new child porno laws. In return, conservatives will help liberals pass Hate Laws.

Guess which laws will be enforced?