The word sophomore means "sophisticated moron." It was invented when many students still studied Greek, so the "sopho" is from the ancient Greek word for wisdom, from which the word "sophisticate" also derives The "more" in sophomore is from the Greek word for fool, from which the word "moron" also derives.

Last week's WhitakerOnline talked about one of the many sophomoric comments conservatives are always making. Conservatives look very, very wise, and then they say, "Free enterprise requires that there be free movement of goods AND LABOR."

It takes a fool not to realize that labor VOTES. Immigrants go from the country they have ruined to a new country, and the trick is not to let them destroy the new one. But the poor dumb conservative has finally gotten some understanding of the free market, which is more than any liberal will ever do, and he thinks he is wise.

Conservatives used that stupid phrase, "Free enterprise requires the free movement of goods AND LABOR" to fight for open borders for many critical years. The growing minority vote that the liberals own is largely their doing.

Someone who says, "Free enterprise requires the free movement of goods AND LABOR" is wise enough to understand what a free market is about, but he is still an absolute, destructive fool.