So who is taking the lead on a guest worker program?

John McCain, of course.

John McCain has the silver star for bravery as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

In order to get the silver star you have to be seen performing a heroic deed by a superior officer. McCain, according to John McCain, resisted torture by the North Vietnamese.

Well, sort of. He has said repeatedly and publically that in other wars one could resist and survive, but in North Vietnam he knew some who resisted that way and they are all dead. So he admits he gave information.

So they gave him a silver star for being a prisoner of war. No one saw his "bravery" when the Communists questioned him. His open admission that he gave information is a good defense preparation if his file ever emerges from the Vietnamese Communists.

He told US News and World Report (I looked it up) that his first words to the Communists when he was captured were, "I am injured. You give me medicine and I'll give you information."

Move over, Jane Fonda.

To repeat, the Vietnamese are the only ones who have access to McCain's interrogation file. No American has ever seen it. But McCain was the son of an admiral, so they gave him a silver star.

It so happens that John McCain is the best friend Communist Vietnam has in congress. Even far left liberals don't bow and scrape to them the way McCain does. He has helped block all attempts to find missing Vietnam POW's. The families of missing Americans in Vietnam hate him.

This is very relevant, because John McCain is doing the same thing for the left today that he did when was a POW in Vietnam.