Whenever a black liberal condescends to speak to conservatives, they turn into mindless turkeys.

Some years back, when busing was being enforced by troops and racial quotas were everywhere, Jesse Jackson was invited to address the South Carolina Republican Party. Jackson lectured them about how bad it was to criticize these wonderful programs.

Jackson wanted Republicans to stop criticizing these programs and to begin demanding new ones. He concluded, "We need a CONSERVATIVE civil rights movement!"

Republican victory or defeat in elections is a very simple proposition. Nationally and in South Carolina, the Party is run by the country club set. When they go for minority votes, they always lose. When they get enough white workers' votes, they win.

To get the approval of Jesse Jackson or other liberals, Republicans go for the minority vote.

So when Jackson demanded they go after minority votes, the South Carolina Republicans roared approval and began planning their electoral strategy on that basis.

Thus seduced, the turkeys marched forth to lay eggs.

We all watched the National Republican Convention do the same thing again. They cheered when Colin Powell told them they just did not have the GUTS to take college educations away from white young people and give them to blacks, a.k.a., "affirmative action."

True to his words at the Convention, Powell's first act on becoming Secretary of State was to begin a program to give high-level jobs to minorities.

Another thing the turkeys roared for at the Convention was Powell's demand that Republicans not deal with conservative blacks. He told them to deal only with the present -- meaning the liberal -- rulers of the civil rights movement.

Powell loves every kind of professional liberal. As soon as he got to the State Department, he declared his foreign policy would be run by their "regular professionals." I think we all know the political complexion of that crowd.

Powell let us all know his interpretation of President Bush's "National Unity" or "bipartisan policy" by asking GEORGE MCGOVERN to keep his post. If you want Powell's approval, you just can't get far enough left.