I said last week I would look into the reality of Bill Clinton's heart condition. This quote represents the consensus of the medical opinion I got

"It just seems odd to me that Clinton had no chest pain at all, and was leisurely transferred to NYC after several days in Chappaqua area."

"After this several days' delay, then the operation was done after some days of preparation."

"All this can be standard medical practice, but it doesn't fit the story of a heart attack requiring urgent surgery (a contradiction in terms). It does make possible a contrived story that excuses the leader of the Democrat Party from campaigning for the presidential candidate of the Party."

"It might also provide a cover for explaining why he might not have been asked to campaign for the ticket."

"Incidentally, it is said to be possible to have a heart attack without chest pain, but in a healthy young man, it is not something I have seen in 50 years of practice."

I have some personal experience with this. My last heart stint was elective. They were going to go into my heart anyway, so I said, "I'm going to need another stint eventually, so stick it on in."

Don't confuse a heart condition with a heart attack. Clinton's heart procedure was absolutely perfectly timed. It took him right out of the campaign.

On the other side, Bill Clinton would look you straight in the eye and say, "I did not have an elective heart procedure with that doctor."

No doctor can tell the public the truth without Clinton's agreement. That's why you have to sign all those papers to get your medical records released from one doctor to another. Nor would a doctor do it anyway if he had a major-league client like an ex-president.