Clinton has just come up with an Official Liberal Fact. He says that "ninety-nine point nine percent" (99.9%) of the genes of all human beings are exactly the same. Clinton could not have just said "ninety-nine percent." He had to say "ninety-nine POINT NINE" percent. The reason he has to say "ninety-nine point nine" is because human genes are ninety-nine point two percent (99.2%) the same as a CHIMPANZEE'S!

It HAD to be 99.9%. So, by gum, that's what it is.

The fact that a human and a chimpanzee share 99.2% of the same genes does not mean that the real difference between an animal and a human is very small. It simply means that a mere eight-tenths of one percent (0.8%) difference in genes means a tremendous lot. Since the difference between a human and a chimpanzee is just one gene out of one hundred and twenty-five, that one gene in one hundred and twenty-five is very important indeed.

Because it is so convenient, Clinton's "ninety-nine point nine" figure was probably just made up in his speechwriter's head. As I explain in the next article, making up convenient "facts" like this is standard procedure for liberals. But if it is true, what does it REALLY mean? It means that one gene in a thousand makes the difference between a genius and an idiot. That one gene in one thousand makes the difference between a seven-foot giant and a man who was born to be four feet tall. The fact that one gene in a thousand makes all this difference does not make these inherited differences any less important. It merely makes a slight genetic difference far more important.

And, as so often happens, what this actually turns out to mean is exactly the opposite of what Clinton intended it to mean. If only one in a thousand genes produces all the gigantic differences in human beings, then race is probably more important, not less. After all, we know that races have some very VISIBLE differences. We know that those differences that we can see are genetic. We know that each race has a few genes which are very different, because we can SEE them. And, according to Clinton, it takes almost no genes to make ALL the difference!

In other words, Clinton says that 1) only a minuscule, a tiny, a handful of genes makes ALL the difference in the gigantic range of human inheritance. You then note that 2) all the members of a particular race share a difference in genetic makeup that is VISIBLE to the naked eye. If you put these together, Clinton has as much as said that 3) racial differences are enormously important.

Clinton's new Official Liberal Fact has made a very strong case for racism!