One thing about the rash of child kidnappings and murders needs to be mentioned. In every case, the man accused was in the hands of the authorities and was released. Isn't our System wonderful?

We are being assured by the media that the number of kidnap-murders of this kind has actually gone down in recent years. There seem to be more because recently the media have given such kidnappings enormous coverage.

There is lot of media comment on the fact that these cases have recently received so much attention while child grabs of this kind did not get this kind of media coverage before. The reason is not far to seek.

There used to be no conservative television outlets at all and liberals don't like to talk about real crimes, especially crimes against children.

If you will listen to what liberals say, their official doctrine is that only leftists care about children. Liberal politicians say conservatives are out -- and I am not exaggerating this -- to starve children and ignore anything done to them.


If the media had discussed child kidnappings they would have also ended up pointing out that it is the criminals whom liberals acquit or let back out on the street who commit those crimes. It is the law and order conservatives who care about THOSE children.

So child kidnappings were not given much publicity when liberals had a television monopoly.

The media did not talk about specific incidents of crimes against children because each such crime is traceable back to a felon liberals want sympathy for. They only discussed general things like crime RATES and EXPENDITURES on government programs for children.

And, of course, the liberal media demanded more expenditures for the rehabilitation of those nice child molesters.

Besides, any discussion of real crimes opens up a can for worms for the political left.

If liberals talked about specific incidents, they would have to recount cases where people defended their family and property with evil private weapons.

This was not a conspiracy. It was simply that liberal commentators were uncomfortable discussing crime, so they didn't. Now they have to.

Reality is always the leftists' biggest enemy.