It's been called the Civil War, the War of the Rebellion and the War of Northern Aggression. The War to Keep the South covers all these names, and is the accurate one.

This title, The War to Keep the South, makes the perfect connection between that struggle and the (more recent) civil rights struggle for integration

In both cases the main purpose of America was to keep Southerners from being left alone.

When I was coming up, the idea that blacks had a right to my company seemed absurd. Once again, they didn't want rights. They wanted US.

All the magazines are full of the black girl who is Bond's girl in the new film. She is on the cover of Jet Magazine with the Irishman playing Bond. That makes me nostalgic. In the 1950s, every single issue of Jet Magazine had a mixed couple on the cover.

Mixed couples were the only dream of black people in the 1950s. The argument for integration was the exact opposite of today's Holy Diversity. Back then no one dared use the word "black." They were "Negroes."

In the 1950s, a "Negro" was a white man in a coat and tie and a black skin. Every "Negro" on TV or in the movies had to look exactly like a white man, and they were usually less than a quarter black.

The original aim of the civil rights movement was that there be no diversity at all in America. Everyone would simply be brown. Everybody would have the same education, the same liberal outlook, and the same low rate of illegitimate births that whites had then.

This would all be done by forcing Southerners to integrate with blacks.