According to our official history those Great Civilizations invented everything. For this reason, every time historians make a real discovery, it knocks out everything they have said.

The discovery of facts is disastrous for official history.

For instance they found Caucasoid mummies in China in the 1980s. The Caucasoid mummies were wearing clothes that history officially declares were invented in the Middle East a thousand years after those blond folks died - in CHINA.

No historian ever imagined that there was any white influence in China back then. Least of all from NOMADIC white people.

History says that the Chinese Great Civilization did everything itself.

They recently found a frozen man from about 1,000 B.C. in the Alps. He had tattoos showing acupuncture on his body. Acupuncture, according to official history, was invented in China a thousand years after he died.

Stonehenge is the largest "henge" we have from a civilization that covered Europe and died out about 3,000 B.C. One of those henges is in the Middle East and they go on north to Stonehenge in various forms.

So historians naturally declared that the oldest of these henges was the one in the southern Mediterranean, where Great Civilizations invented everything.

Then came carbon dating. It turns out that Stonehenge is the oldest henge, the Middle Eastern one was built last.

To repeat, every time a basic discovery is made it blows our official history.

But we still teach exactly the same history.