McCain, with the all out support of the media, is definitely gaining on Bush. He has Bush terrified. How can you tell? You can tell because George W. Bush got so scared he that actually made a POINT! No conservative ever makes a serious point unless he is in a state of panic.

In the last presidential debate between Republican candidates for the nomination, McCain asked Bush why he opposed campaign finance reform. Bush said he did not oppose it, he opposed the fake McCain-Finegold "reform" bill. Then, in last-ditch desperation, he went further. He actually asked McCain why, if it was such a fair bill, all the Republicans opposed it and all the Democrats supported it!

Now, from the get-go on this bill, conservatives opposed it and the liberal media went wild about it. Republicans opposed it and Democrats supported it. But no conservative ever asked McCain why. For month after month after month after month, no conservative has put this question to McCain.

The reason Republicans oppose it is that the McCain-Finegold "reform" only cuts off Republican sources of support. It leaves the unions free to use the dues their members have to pay to support Democrats. This is solid, understandable, believable point everybody would understand if Republicans ever brought it up. So they don't bring it up.

You see, to ask such a question would violate the fundamental rule of conservatism: never, never make a point that threatens to expose your opponents' weaknesses. Conservatives never ask, for example, why liberal programs never WORK.

In arguing with liberals, each group has an invariable, mindless routine. If you are a moderate, you offer to compromise. If you are a respectable conservative, you apologize. If you are a hard line conservative, you say something ridiculous. In other words, each group has its own means of letting liberals - and their fellow travelers like McCain -- off the hook. They let them off the hook by focusing attention away from the simple fact that leftism is SILLY.

As in Bush's case, only pure desperation will force a conservative to get to the point.