BOOOORING! | 1999-03-20

In 2000, we can look forward to something really exciting. Two of the most thrilling figures of our age may stage a presidential debate. George Bush, Jr. may be the Republican candidate. Gore will be the Democrat. Can anybody imagine anything more exciting than a debate between Bush and Gore?

I can. One thing that would be more exciting than a Gore-Bush debate would be a two-hour special on the night life of pond sludge. One of the losing aspects of moderates is that they are so BORING. If you have a moderate Republican running against a Democrat, you have two people saying the same thing. People switch channels. At election time, they vote for the real Democrat.

I have spent decades in politics, and I am perfectly aware of the dangers of being labeled an extremist. But what those who haven't been in hard core politics are not aware of is how hard it is, in our age of massive competition in communications, to keep the people interested. If you keep your politics moderate and safe, you lose your audience.