It bothers me, though I can't tell them, that so few of the men fighting for our cause have a female anchor at the TOP LEVEL.

They've got good men, but men are theorists. A woman who cares about you takes care of things IN DEPTH, and I can see as plain as day that the "disconnects" in most organizations are the direct result of not having the right woman in the right place.

This is where my extreme disabilities have given me an understanding of something basic.

My first two books were dedicated to my now ex-wife. They could not have gotten done without her. One could make up a theory about how I was Progressive enough to understand the special place of a brilliant woman who cares.

Sorry. I thought this way long, long before Women's Liberation came up with Female Appreciation. I didn't THINK about this at all. I can't do without this kind of in-depth backing.

It goes like this

"Bob, you are WONDERFUL. I am (sincerely) very proud of you."

"Now, Bob, has X and Y been taken care of? Bob, you answered his point very well, but you didn't deal with his question."

Backup in detail. Deal with the question.

Generally, men are scatterbrained. Some are pretty good at this type of detail, but are no substitute for a woman.

Most men can get by on their own. I can't function without it.