For over a thousand years, the West has feared the Yellow Peril.

Consistently, throughout recorded history, China has contained one fifth of the entire human race. And everybody realized that if a white country was united and contained a fifth of the human race, it would take over the planet.

China was united for centuries at a time. Surely the Yellow Peril would take over the world.

There were breaks in this certainty that the Chinese would take over the world.

During those breaks, there were other people who were certain to take over the world. In a single century Islam went from a single Prophet to fielding an army all the way up into Tours in today's Belgium.

According to historians, only a historical accident kept Islam from crushing the West as it had crushed all others.

Again and again, at the height of its power, Islam slammed into Vienna, and fell back. And every time Islam moved up towards Vienna, it was agreed in the West that a white country that united that many people could not be stopped.

The red-haired, green-eyed Genghis Khan rolled over China in an unstoppable wave. They reached Vienna.

Then a historical accident, the death of Genghis Khan or something else, kept them from going any farther.

Then, once again, the Yellow Peril was the Inevitable Future.

Over and over and over and over, the West has been doomed.

Over and over and over, the West has been divided in the face of a united enemy.

I watched while a united Revolutionary Communism used the top officials of our own government. No country that became Communist during the Cold War ever went back to the Free World.

It was obviously inevitable.

They got to Vienna. They lost Vienna and a generation later they disappeared.

Why is it that WE are always divided against ourselves but the united Inevitable Conquerors end up as a lost incident of history?

Is it a string of coincidences, the chances of which are about one in a million?

Or is it because we are unconquerable for the precise reason that we are always divided?

Genghis Khan, China, Islam, Communism, each has rolled over and united everybody who fell under the general definition "mankind". Then they slammed into the West.

We are NOT "mankind". We are brawling, aggressive people no one can unite.

Or conquer.