Shari replies to Woundednietzsche below, saying:

Perhaps "guilt" might have been a hook early on, but now it seems like it's sheer vanity that props up anti-white, political correctness. Our paper loves stories about those "making a contribution." Young woman in Senegal, teacher in Kashmir, international celebrations in grade schools, on and on. Inevitable, it's "very smart" doing well, or from a doing well family, individuals that are featured. You HAVE to be sort of doing well to do these things. Otherwise you are full time occupied with just keeping your own boat afloat.

I'm afraid that I don't know anyone who seems concerned with being marginalized or losing a comfortable position because of conscience. They seem convinced that they are very fine people. Where's the guilt?

Hardric replies:

There's guilt and then there's fear.

I was talking to someone on the phone and when I eschewed the BS and spoke frankly, I sensed some fear and panic in their voice. I wasn't even using crude language, just calling a spade a spade.


Shari makes a good point and misses the BIG one, which is exactly what I expect. From my best. Yes, guilt WAS the motivating factor, but no longer. That is a good OBSERVATION. But there is where Shari and the rest of the best of my people here STOPS.

In Europe in the middle of the nineteenth century, company after company demonstrated the superiority of the new steel cannon. Men died by the thousands in the field because the military would not adopt the new guns. Generals said, "Wars are fought with BRONZE cannons."

In my last book I discuss Doctor Semmelweis, who discovered that thousands of women were dying in agony because doctors wouldn't wash their hands in a carbolic acid solution before delivering babies. They went straight from dissection to delivery.

Semmelweis's campaign went on his whole life, and he died in a madhouse. I read about this at age thirteen in a 1952 best seller called The Cry and the Covenant. I was ALREADY realizing what Semmelweis faced.

I was ready for college when I got there at age sixteen. I was not the least bit surprised at what sadistic dunces ran the place.

Semmelweis died screaming, "Wash your Goddamned HANDS!"

And I will die screaming, "Use the goddamned MANTRA!"

The doctors said, "But washing your hands is embarrassing and the novelty done wore clean of it," though in the kind of language that didn't show they were inbred retards.

Hardric's point, and the point of this blog is that the Mantra WORKS. The point of the people who actually worried about winning wars was that steel cannon WORKED. Semmelweis's point was that washing one's hands didn't just save the mother, it didn't just save the child, it saved them both from an AGONIZING death.

I am obsessive: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

As long as we do not use the Mantra and related points like "Heresy," the other side will be riding high. Hardric kicks their feet out from under them. I kick their feet out from under them.

Nobody NOTICES. The big deal is a copy and paste South African bitch site. The point is that what others are doing has NOT worked. Let's blubber over that. Let's obsess on that.

But for God's sake, let's not notice what puts THEM on the DEFENSIVE.

And for God's sake, above all, let's keep the Mantra and the rest of ur effective weapons number 45 out of list of 40 priorities.

WE have a LIFE, you know!