I wrote a piece a long time ago about one of the most important changes in historical direction, but people weren't ready for it then. Now you are really tuning in, so I am going to repeat a few things that were missed before.

One of the great signposts of our new age was when the SST, the Supersonic Transport, was cancelled. For a century the entire history of aviation had been a steady progression to faster and faster. The end of the SST was an announcement that aviation was satisfied with 600 mph maximum speeds.

In the 1970s manned space travel came to an end. That, like ever-faster planes, was an inevitability that underlay all futurology before then. No one even realized at first that the end had come. By the same token, the end of the SST came as no surprise to anybody.

Another embedded twentieth century absolute was the Big Computer. All the science fiction stories had a giant computer built by a giant corporation like the IBM mainframes of the 1960s.

No one, least of all those who lived through it, can see the fundamental change here. They shrug. Like the collapse of the Soviet Empire, like the IQ differences between races, no one disputes it now. But far more important, no one pays any attention to the total redirection of history represented here.

The One Big World idea was expressed in the urban programs of the Great Society. Population was concentrating in cities, so in time everybody would be in a megalopolis. This concentration was an underlying theme of all futurology. One famous architect designed the mile-high building of the future where Future Families would inevitably live and work. They would almost never leave their ultimate urban world inside the building. In fact, they would seldom go several floors up or down. Their entire lives would be lived within a one hundred yard three-dimensional space.

The only movement would be in Large Space Ships, in a confined space where thousands of people would go out to the stars.

Space is now populated by orbiting satellites. As it becomes practical, we will incidentally go up there. But no longer is this considered a giant government project. Satellites go up for companies and some are built by unlikely countries for contracting out to smaller entities.

When I was young genetics was beyond our each. It was a government program of racism and eugenics on the Nazi model (just as democratic socialism was on the Communist model) model or a government program of race mixing and sterility for intelligent people pushed by the ruling establishment. We who wanted a better future for children were on the absolute defensive.

Now the Bible-Thumper-Political Correctness coalition is fighting a losing battle against allowing PRIVATE eugenics.

Communism demanded the government ownership of the means of production. So did democratic socialism. But anyone who called a democratic socialist a Communist was simply considered ignorant. But a person who wants the race preserved and eugenics was routinely called a Nazi without any disagreement, however democratic the means by which he wanted it done. America was funded by people who considered race-mixing evil and outlawed it. It is now required doctrine that all the Founding Fathers were Nazis.

Everything was One World. The whole world had to be integrated or segregated by law. In 1950, at the beginning of the Korean War, a proposal was made that, since the draft was being reinstituted, soldiers would able to decide for themselves whether they wanted to be in all-white units, all-black units, or integrated units.

Obviously, integrationists could not allow this. If whites were allowed to settle in segregated communities ANYWHERE - integration would collapse. As we said THEN "a little bit of integration is like a little bit of pregnancy." As O'Reilly says, there can be no segregated ANYTHING ANYWHERE in America.

The same problem has put the anti-whites on the defensive in the field of genetics. If ANYONE is allowed to improve their children's genes the Sister Theresa's that want birth control abolished and the Politically Correct who oppose all genetics will be doomed. Their offspring will be as helpless and as quaint as the Amish. Children with brains and LOOKS will rule.

But don't count them out. These Bible-thumpers and PC freaks hate people. They are, in fact, truly evil. If we don't wage the war, they might find a way.

But the tide has definitely turned. It has been hidden in plain sight.