There is a difference between a legitimate business and a protection racket. Business PRODUCE. Protection rackets DESTROY.

White and Asian immigrants got their by production. Today the average Catholic has a higher income than the average Protestant. Asians made almost no use of the discrimination laws.

The reason blacks and their imitators wear their pants down to their knees is because people in jail aren't allowed to wear belts. So blacks wear their pants down to show they are like those much-admired Tough Guys who end up behind bars.

You will never find a group of people as unanimously convinced of the innate inferiority of the black race than you will at an NAACP meeting. I am saying this from an understanding of people. No one at that meeting believes that blacks will EVER get anywhere near whites in accomplishment, no matter how they are educated or how many years go by.

If you can't make it by accomplishment, the only alternative is protection. The civil rights movement didn't really get going until the riots. The blacks only burned their own section of town, but you could see smoke around the Capitol Building.

The media stopped reporting on riots when they became general. This is confusing today, because those riots scared whites into passing the Voting Rights Act and gave a major boost to the black movement. You would think the media would have been delirious at this sign of black rebellion.

But this was the early sixties, and the media were as out of touch with Americans as they are today. So they simply stopped reporting on riots. They got tens of thousands of letters from white people who could see the smoke from their homes, but it became a Non-Happening.

All three networks suppressed any such news. Finally one anchor said, yes, there were riots, and he listed some of the cities they had occurred in, unreported. But it was certainly no apology. He had that New York City look on his face, irritated that they had demanded this and giving it to them just this once.

Now that we have for over a generation determined that blacks and liberals get what they want from protection, provided either by government punishment or violence, this silence on the part of the media back then seems strange.

But this is an important point: one of the things we have going for s is that the commentators and the experts on public opinion live in a bubble so isolated from reality that people don't BELIEVE it, least of the people who keep talking about Genius Conspiracies.

This is a good example.

The reason the media did not report the riots after Watts was because they were afraid of a White Backlash. The media did not realize the nature of the World War II Generation, and thought they were dealing with Americans who were capable of a backlash.

There were programs on TV until the 1960s showing the danger of lynch mobs, thought there hadn't been a lynch mob anywhere since before the Slave Generation took over. Dope dealers in schoolyards and child-killers who would have been lynched by actual Americans were being let go routinely by the courts.

But the media didn't notice.

Eric Hoffer, who knew America intimately, laughed at the constant liberal saying in the 1960s that America was "a violent society."

He said "Modern America is a bunch of sheep," he pointed out, "We're a nation of cowards."

But the media believed in white resistance a generation after the Slave Crowd took over.

They didn't know.

They hadn't looked.

They had no one to ask.