Well, I guess what I was asking was, what do we do since we have already experienced partial genocide? Will whites be committed to ungenociding themselves? And that question can't be answered here and now.

Comment by Al Parker


So if one of your squad gets killed, the whole group should commit suicide?

But the reason I quote this is because it is theme of a number of people.

Actually the land that Romans called Africa, at the southern of the Empire, was whiter than Italy is today. "Nubians" were captured on raids OUTSIDE the Empire. There are some very few people, like Syrians, who are unquestionably white down there, but almost everywhere there they now are definitely colored.

But after that happened there were ten times as many white people on earth as there were before. If you were to use that logic, the world in 1900 would have seen the demise of whites as natural. In 1900, Indians were referred to as The Vanishing American, blacks' death rate had doubled since the end of slavery and their population was diminishing as a percentage of America.

The future in 1900 looked white.

By 2000 the opposite became the case. Demography is a branch of economics, and no economist takes any long-term demographic prediction seriously. It has been barely thirty years since the movie Soylent Green was made, and there were roughly a hundred other books like it. All the demographic literature of the time said that Americans were multiplying so fast the day would come soon when they were LITERALLY cheek-to-cheek.

The only long-term demographic prediction I know of that was right was made by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations. He said America would outnumber England soon. But Smith did not even MENTION immigration. He pointed out that the NATURAL increase in our population doubled it every twenty-five or thirty years. It never even occurred to him that America was a Nation of Immigrants, or ever would be.

We talk about the "replacement rate." But, as a Dean at a Medical College just said when I brought up the question, it is unlikely that anybody born today will die before he is ready to. No matter how hard "pro-life" fights it, the human body will soon be modular, including the brain.

Also, the present system of pregnancy will soon be as optional as breast-feeding. People will CHOOSE their children. So to save our race we may just need to convince a lot of people that the end of our race is evil. I remember when the unofficial motto of our entire society was, "The white race is the cancer of history." As we are ACTUALLY overwhelmed, that kind of saying is less popular every day.

But the bottom line, the ONLY bottom line, is that people who think they are Wise and Practical as prophets of doom are just plain silly. You don't have the vaguest idea what the world will look like fifty years from now.


Silly-ass groans make me tired.

If you are hit in battle and you spend all your time bemoaning the guy who got killed, you can lose the whole squad.

That is no way to fight a war. A sergeant who does THAT should be put on disability as soon as possible.