It is true that under certain circumstances culture can make race unimportant. If a black, a white, and a dog are all chained in a dark cave their entire lives, they will not come out very different from each other.

White trash loves cruelty because it is the only way they can have power. It takes talent and intelligence to make people laugh. It takes an IQ below that of an animal to make people cry.

Communism managed to keep three hundred million white people and a billion Chinese at a third world level while Japan and Western Europe soared. Today everybody is talking about how fast China is growing.

If you take the white man, the black man, and the dog out of that cave, you can use any measure you want to and you will find that each of them improves at an astounding rate.

So Mommy Professor, who imposed the chains of Socialism in the first place, will rush to us with more advice. He will say that this proves that there is no genetic difference between a white man and black man or for that matter between a black man and a dog, because all of them are improving rapidly, the dog probably faster than the other two.

To clinch this, he will point out that HITLER said there was GENETIC difference.

Now let us follow some money. Leftist billionaires have two places to invest their money, one side for charity and another side for investment. They will donate billions to Mommy Professor on the philanthropic side, but not one dime of their INVESTMENT money will go into the assumption that a billion Africans are as good an investment as a billion Chinese.

I repeat if China were black, nobody would be putting bets on her future prosperity.

But respectable conservatives are dumber than the liberals they worship. It was breathtaking when T. Boone Pickens violated the silly philanthropy versus investment rule and sunk two billion dollars of INVESTMENT money into the windmills and bureaucrats solution Mommy Professor advocated.

Of COURSE he lost it all. No liberal billionaire would do anything that retarded.