The Tea Party had big meeting at the Lincoln Memorial. A major portion of it was devoted to praising the speech Martin Luther the King made in the same place in the 1960s.

Respectable conservatives are chosen by the media. They are not Extremists or Racists or they would not make a living at it. But not only do they never say anything forbidden by the establishment, they say exactly the same thing the liberals do.

In the battle over Obamacare, commentators kept pointing out that a majority in polls had also opposed Medicare in the 1960s. Now that a major portion of their income and expectations are tied up in it, which the media did not mention, very few want to abolish Medicare.

In other words, conservatives oppose everything liberals want to do NOW, but they are desperate to prove that they are now for everything liberals did until on or about January 1, 1970.

That is what the left says: the people may not like it now, but they will not only approve of it later, they will grovel for having ever opposed it.

National Review last year had a cover story showing Roosevelt and Churchill and yelling how they Saved the World. What they Saved the World from was the conservatives who did not want to go into World War II.

Hosannas to Liberalism Past is loudest on the official right. No liberal magazine would have a front page with Roosevelt and Churchill. No liberal or even black rally would spend as much time as the Tea Party did canonizing MLK.

One of the first priorities of everyone who wants to make his living as a conservative spokesman in the media is to scream whenever possible how conservatives were always wrong.

Just as no one saw the reason I put that quote from Louis XIV's physician about the germ theory of disease, no one really understands why I put so much HISTORY here.

HISTORY is the way we got into this mess. I show how we got into this mess, because everything the reader thinks is a big deal right now is, to me, just what is the big hoorah at a point between the past and the future. We are where we are because we took the wrong ROAD.

Conservatives make their living by praising every step we took on the road here, damning all who tried to block that road before January 1, 1970, and talking about how bad it is that that road led to our present destination.

They are saying, in other words, that they are making their living now by trying to block the road, but cursing those who did the same thing a generation ago.

Which is exactly what leftists SAY conservatives always do.