I've come to see whites as striving for excellence. Asians instead seek perfection. It's a subtle but important difference. Whites invent the World of Warcraft game, China has to make laws to ban Asians from playing it too much.

I wonder if whites in the past were as unfocused as they are now under the receding power of political correctness.

Comment by Danebor

Inventiveness is human. Perfection is with the animal kingdom.

As Carleton Putnam said to those who talk about black excellence in sports and entertainment: "The lark sings beautifully, apes lift more than any human can, and every year a HORSE wins the Kentucky Derby."

This is obvious in the case of Africans, but we do not apply it to Orientals as you have done. I have graded thousands of test papers, and students who make it to the Ivy League with their straight A's are good at answering each point just as it is supposed to be answered. They do not THINK about it.

That is why vanishingly few new ideas ever come OUT of Harvard or Yale.

But having set that example of what we call excellence, we are in awe of Orientals, who can learn what is already there with a discipline no Harvard WASP or even Jew can match. Jews have been bred to recite back the Torah and so forth, but even they are helpless against the Orientals.

Reciting what is already there is as animal a talent as throwing a basketball into a hoop.

Good THINKING, Danebor!