Capitol Hill and Israel tells us another rule about professional politics.

Anyone who works on Capitol Hill knows exactly what to say: Israel is one of the countries in the Middle East, our only ally. But it gets no special consideration.

This is one of those things that come up in a totalitarian environment.

When a person is sitting there for an interview for a job with ANY congressman, left or right, North or South, he knows what he must say about Israel.

There is an entirely separate set of facts he must KNOW about Israel.

A similar example is a cop being asked about why he stopped some "youths" who were driving through a wealthy white suburb at three o'clock in the morning. He cannot mention that the "youths" were black and they were driving a car that was alien to a wealthy suburb.

The judge lives in just such an upper-income community. If his house were burgled and his wife raped by some "youths" who happened to be black and happened to be driving a lower-income car, and a cop saw that car creeping along in front of his house at 3 AM but had no suspicions, he would blow a gasket.

But in his courtroom, that cop had better be able to explain how his stopping that car had nothing to do with the riders being young or black in the wrong neighborhood.

By the same token, if a person applying for a staff job on Capitol Hill doesn't know what to say about Israel, he doesn't have a chance of getting a job.

By exactly the same token, if that applicant doesn't KNOW the truth about Israel and Capitol Hill, he will not only not get a job, he will be seriously considered for commitment to a Home for the Retarded.