Read BUGS comments a couple of years back and now. You will see a complete change around. Our people are thinking in OUR terms. We are talking ORIGINALITY, not just applying whatever is said here to the standard old line, "Well, that just proves that X was right, the JEWS did it" and so forth.

Uniquely among those in our movement, OUR brains are unjamming.

Political Correctness, as we all know damned well, exists only because we accept its Big Lies. As AFKAN says, what we lack is a POSITIVE racism. They hit us with the Big Lies and we argue with the Big Lie on THE BIG LIE'S OWN TERMS. Our brains are jammed. We never get OUT of the Big Lie.

It is surprisingly easy to get OUTSIDE the Big Lies. It is invariably EFFECTIVE to change the terms of the debate. But our brains are as rusted as there are. A documentary says that Thomas Jefferson, from a Welch family, had some Phoenician genes. This proves, they say, that Jefferson was an African, and since he didn't LOOK African, it proves that looks don't matter.

It is likely that, due to the ancient tin mines in Britain, Jefferson might have had some Phoenician blood, as do many of the Welsh.

Instead getting tied up in that crap, I simply point out that what it proves is that Phoenicians did not look the way documentaries portray them. Like people of that day in general, they were white. One sentence and their whole load of crap is turned on them.

When the debate gets on to how the Plague ended, I point out below that it was simple GENETICS. The people who died of plague had less and less genes in each generation, so the plague, like all other plagues, including the common cold, became non-fatal to remaining generations. I then go on to make a POSITIVE, i.e., OUR points instead of chasing THEIRS around endlessly.

I THINK about the point just made, and I point out that the common cold almost wiped out the Eskimos, and the hard earned European resistance to disease was a major factor in the conquest of America. Note how this turns all their crap on its head. Instead of evil whites selling liquor to the Indians, the fatal problem of Indians was that they had not had the millennia of exposure to strong alcohol our ancestors did, that their ancestors did not EARN resistance to diseases that ours paid so much for.

But every time I do this kind of thing, my comrades, "That's a CUTE point. Now let's get back to JEWS." Like insane military commanders like those who ran the French Army to defeat after defeat, they do the same things over and over and over. They say a new approach against a place where PC never expected an attack is "cute," then they go back to charge the most heavily defended area in the enemy's line.

No, my points are not "cute." They take intellectual WORK, intellectual ELASTICITY.

In short, you have to THINK, not just act like a brick wall bouncing the same old crap back.


One of the best things that AFKAN has said is this: "They draw the lines and then paint inside them".

That perfectly describes not only Political Correctness's technique of indoctrination it also perfectly describes everything that passes for officially sanctioned political discourse in America.

All you have to do is refuse to take the bait. All you have to do is make sure you stand outside the lines they draw.

It is no different than dealing with the assault of a con artist on the street. You have to confront the con immediately.

You have to stop the con artist dead in his tracks.

Comment by Dave