"Again, with the Asian example, are we supreme over Asians, or do we just want them to stay in their own countries?"

Comment by Z


The simple answer to your question is the latter.

By definition, a white nationalist accepts the existence of other nations.

What I now have to say sounds like a quibble, but it is not. IN MY OPINION, it is a worldview your question does not reflect.

Non-whites can stay in their own countries or move to other non-white countries, this is not our concern while our survival is at stake.

One thing I saw, but that the media did not talk about, was that millions of Indians and Arabs who had lived in Africa for generations were driven out when blacks took power. The result was a loss of hard workers ands relatively intelligent people that is now causing literal starvation millions of Africans. This does not concern the media because it does not concern their real aims.

AS A PRO-White it does not concern me. It concerned me because I have seen and SMELLED real starvation. Yes it has a SMELL. I knew a lot of those Arabs and Indians the "humanitarians' forget existed, but from a white survivalist viewpoint, this none of our business.

We ask only our own place to survive. From a white nationalist point of view, and purely THAT point of view, whether non-whites stay home or go to other non-white countries is not relevant to our ideology.

To answer your question as you mean it, we only want them to "stay home," meaning inside the non-white world.

Our problem is that they don't WANT to. They want the benefits and stability a white country provides. The fly in that ointment is that when they get here they destroy those benefits. That is what is so obviously wrong with the libertarian "free movement of goods, capital AND LABOR" argument.

Non-white "leaders" keep demanding that whites not object to intermarriage and that non-whites be allowed into white countries. They blame the problems of the whole world on whites wanting to be separate. THAT is white supremacy, the idea that you can't have an education unless non-white kids sit beside white kids.

As one official in charge of school busing said, "White children are a precious resource. They must be distributed carefully."

How white supremacist can you GET?

White supremacy is not an ideology. It is a simple fact of world thinking today. IN THAT SENSE, it is the major force behind the drive to destroy us. "Nondiscrimination" is the battle cry behind the worldwide offensive behind the drive to assimilate whites off the Planet.

And in the real world, "nondiscrimination" means that there is to be no place on earth where whites are allowed to have as their own.