I spend time each day on spreading your (OUR) message. These days this has replaced Stormfront and listening to David Duke (I already know what he is going to say anyhow).

The only things I do outside of reading this blog is keep up with the news and work. I am busy planting seeds in a variety of different ways...EVERY DAY.

Of course, I will be totally honest. I am more excited and optimistic than ever. It is not by accident, that your blog has coincided with your message getting spread far and wide.

Nor is it a coincidence that this is happening when people like me are doing things EVERY DAY to spread OUR message. We are seeing first hand how the Jews plant their message among the Jewish troops.

We are doing something similar. It is networking and spreading a message; nothing magical to it.

Unfortunately, we do NOT yet control the Synagogues. But we are coming along and quickly. We are making converts and an impact. And the "WE" includes anyone that spreads BW's message.

I am no respectable conservative. I know what to do these days. And you should be excited.

You are having the impact you want. Pat Buchanan can spread a message. But he cannot spread a RADICAL message.

Young men like me can AND WILL. Be optimistic. These fools are against TIME. They think they are triangulating. No. They are moving the debate in our direction. It is just now getting interesting.

They are triangulating us into potential leadership positions. Maybe not as fast as anyone of us want. But a whole lot faster than anyone could imagine.

Most of these old time Nazi/Stormfronters/WhiteNationists are looking for a BIG BANG.

I am paying attention to a trend. And the trend is NOW self-reinforcing. So while everyone is bitching about the Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims etc. I will keep doing my part.

I will keep making my point. All day. All week. All weekend and anywhere and everywhere I can.

I will stay on message. Since I realized our race is OUR religion, this has been the equivalent of going to mass for me.

I have always heard a handful of people can make a huge impact if they are persistent and unwavering. We are seeing this first hand. Every week. I see pieces all over the world that highlight our message in subtle WAYS. I was going to start posting them on here for people to read. I have not had time.

One recent European blog (someone connected to one of Fjordmans-I think it was baron bordissey) on Feminism blew me away. It was as IF you wrote it; again, what more can you ask for?

Comment by Tim -


Tim, you are the pick of the pick of the lot.

Once again, I cannot improve on the comment here. And you cannot imagine how important that is to me.

I have to do my work entirely on FAITH. It is a faith based on experience. What I do WORKS. But I get TIRED, and it is very hard to keep yourself going alone.

The fact that you and Dave wrote what only I could have written a couple of years ago, even more so the fact that you have given our BASIC message a priority in your life, keeps me at this keyboard.

What you said about Dr. Duke reminded me of another point that needs making again.

I told you to weigh the information you receive. People do it all the time, but they don't do it enough.

You face a flood of advertisements every day, but you don't BELIEVE that nine out of ten people prefer every kind of chewing gum.

You are perfectly aware that that ad is giving you information for a purpose so the information is not reliable.

You need to do this balancing act with ALL information. A geneticist says race does not exist because he knows and you know what will happen to him if he says anything else.

On Stormfront, I would give a long, careful lesson on how to obtain power, how to change the world. Then I would go to the radio thread to see if there were any comments on what I had said. There almost never were.

In fact, during and after my talk the same comments would be made that would have been made if I had never been born: The latest gossip about Bush, another Great Revelation about Israel or Iraq, another horror story about a crime by an illegal alien.

Exciting stuff.

It is not true that ALL advertisements are false. But you watch them closely and you know what the game is.

By the same token it is not true that ALL exciting information is wrong or off track. The news that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor was both exciting and true. But information that is spread BECAUSE it is exciting, like advertisements, tends to be untrue and, when true, it tends to be something that doesn't really matter. Something else exciting will come up the next day and you'll forget all about it.

One person on SF told the exact truth, "I respect Mr. Whitaker a great deal, but his talks are so BORING."

David Duke, who was a professional announcer and is an expert public speaker, knows how to be breathless all the time. His talks are full of vast, powerful groups of villains and David's facing Goliaths.

But David makes his living this way. He is serving his purpose. I am looking for people who are good soil for the ideas I am planting.

Hobbyist revolutionaries, the ones who go for excitement, are still worth telling these things, but they are not the soil I am looking for.

YOU are.

And after a while, if you have the kind of mind I'm looking for, you get BORED with breathless expositions.

You begin to find the basics food for your OWN thoughts. A good mind craves EXERCISE. Being spoon fed with breathless stuff becomes boring:

"So what?"

If you have good mental teeth, you want something to chew on. One more illegal alien outrage is pabulum.

One commenter a while back said he was ADDICTED to Bob's Blog. I think I now understand what he meant.

His baby teeth are gone. And this is the only place where he can find real food.