During the Stalin Era, there was a public meeting in a small city in Russia. One speech ended on the usual note of how all he wonderful that had been accomplished were "under the Leadership of Comrade Stalin."

The usual standing ovation occurred.

Stalin was a couple of thousand miles away, but when the ovation had gone on for even longer than usual, no one dared sit down. The realization dawned on the thousand or so attendees that the Secret Police were there, as they were everywhere, and the first person to sit down would be arrested in the morning. So the standing ovation went on and on and on and on and on and on...

And, yes, the first couple of people who sat down DID get arrested in the morning.

If you know anything about the Stalin Era, you get the same laugh I do out of one of the slogans they used, "Have the courage to support Comrade Stalin." That is like telling a sheep "Have the COURAGE not to get eaten by a lion."

But we have exactly the same thing today. If you hear that someone "has the COURAGE to SPEAK OUT" you know very well which side they are taking.

No one who openly fights for white survival "has the courage to speak out." Only anti-whites are ever described as "having the courage to speak out."

In fact, this is one sure sign of a despotic society. It used to be the height of courage in America for someone to say, "I do not agree with your opinion, but I will fight to the death for your right to express it." You don't hear that since the WWII Generation learned that Goodspeak is the only way to go.

The media only praised McCain for Courage when he agreed with them on policy. No one in authority today does anything but denounce anyone who disagrees with The Party Line.

In totalitarian environments the only "spontaneous demonstrations" are those that have been prepared by professionals for reasons everybody can predict. In America, there are no exceptions today at all.