Mantra thinking: Do it or leave the white cause.

It puzzles me why BBG thought my episode in the Pacific island during WWII was sexual in nature. But he was automatically defending the Catholic Church the way I automatically defend the South.

It puzzled me for a long time why Northern ethnics and I seemed to have something basic in common. It seems to me that we had in common the fact that we were loyal something and our enemies were united only in their hatred of our identity.

I get tired of people looking cow like and saying J. Edgar Hoover believed the Mafia was a myth. J. Edgar Hoover was not a cop; he was a public relations genius. He could put white trash sellouts into the Klan easily, but he couldn't deal organized crime, so he denied its existence.

Wordism cannot deal with races and real nations, so it denies their existence.

But those who don't know the simple fact that Hoover called the Mafia a myth because he couldn't do anything about it aren't really able to think about the man.

The reason that Hoover couldn't deal with the Mafia was largely because, like the police, he could only catch the little fish that got their hands dirty. Until the passage of RICO, which outlawed all actions in an organization that were criminal, nobody could touch the Mafia bosses.

The reason this is relevant here is because this is the exact problem the Catholic Church has today.

Any reasonable person sees the difference between someone pushing dope to feed his habit and what we called a "clean dealer," someone who was not addicted and did it for money. You don't send an addict to prison so easily, because there is usually no easier place for him to get drugs.

Also, an addict is simply less guilty than a clean dealer. Above all, it is the bosses of the drug rings who are guilty and in fact purely evil. Organized crime of any kind has the same problem. You couldn't deal with organized crime as long as the only people who committed the actual crimes were the "soldiers."

People who attack the Catholic Church are lot like J. Edgar Hoover. They scream for the lynching of the perverts, little fish one can condemn easily and freely.

Like Hoover, they cannot deal with the real problem, so they say the Church hierarchy is OK and then get kudos for denouncing perverts.

A bishop does NOT have to have a legal case against a pervert. He can AND DOES suspend priests on suspicion. Contrary to well-meaning defenders of the Church he does NOT have to send a man he knows is molesting children from one parish to another to continue to molest children.

When they broke up that meeting of Mafia bigwigs in the 50s and the Mafia became front page news, Hoover was forced to recognize that the Mafia was NOT a myth. This was very hard on him because he had to admit that his All Powerful FBI was a paper tiger.

The bottom line: You can't deal with a criminal conspiracy by only prosecuting those who actually follow the orders of the bosses and get caught doing actual crimes.

But we are dealing with the real world here. We are Mantra thinkers, not theologians. We do not stop with moral outrage. In fact, we go beyond the moral outrage and THINK.

Whitaker's Rule on Moralists is this: The moralist says that something must be done, sets up a government organization to do it, the government program can't do it but it is a government program, which is what the Idealists and Intellectuals are after, and it is someone to blame as the problem gets worse.

Last part of this rule: the problem always DOES get worse. Why? Because the effort that should have been expended on dealing with the problem has been wasted on getting another government program through.

The War on Drugs is another example of this Hoover problem on the political right. They want to Solve the problem by raising money to demand the DEA and so forth GET TOUGH.

Any professional in the DEA has long since known that the whole thing is a repeat of Prohibition, but worse. So they run around like J. Edgar Hoover did, giving their equally professional reporters dramatic pictures of drug busts.

The first alternative when you have a problem is to fix it. But Mantra Thinking says that if you CAN'T fix it, then stop claiming you are doing something until you are willing to fix the problem itself, not to show you are Doing Something.

Doing Something makes the problem worse. Doing Something earned two thousand years of Medical Professionals a good living while they quoted Galen, did horoscope charts for their patients and bled them to death.

Doing Something and Addressing The Problem is what Mommy Professor and respectable conservatives make their living on. It protects you from having to get any RESULTS.

And no bureaucracy wants to be judged by RESULTS.