Liberals and respectable conservatives keep saying they don't want citizenship to be discriminatory.

Citizenship IS discrimination. Citizenship is discrimination that makes no pretense of fairness. Hispanics "Americans" vote for their fellow Hispanic illegal aliens over the interests of white Americans, which is why California is now solidly Democratic, and everybody knows it. Everybody knows it to the extent that Democrats laugh at Republicans who proposed to take tax-paid benefits away from illegals because obviously Hispanic "Americans" would vote on the side of their identity instead of some silly-ass piece of paper that said them a bond - US citizenship - with Anglos here.

So on the one-hand liberals and respectable conservatives argue that that piece of paper is everything and in the same breath they argue that Hispanics are going to vote Hispanics regardless of that piece of paper.

So what IS all this crap about "illegal immigration?" How can anybody protect borders without discrimination?

Deciding one's right to be here on basis of his place of birth is no fairer than deciding it on the basis of the color of his skin. You have no control over either. Yet all this "Stop Illegal Immigration!" crap treats the former as if it were holy while ignoring the latter.

If you are not going to discriminate, there is no excuse for having borders at all.