I am always terrified that enthusiasm may run out in GC 7.

I was in seventh heaven reading comments on my piece, "It is Time for Heresy!"

At age 70, I finally have my army!

The comments on the Heresy article and in GC7 are a dream come true for me.

At last, here is a group of people who don't wander off into the News and Jews and general declarations. AT LAST, here is a group of pro-whites who are doing what I did ALONE for so long: explaining the simple TRUTH.

The trick is that there is nothing simple about it.

Just as there is nothing less "common" than common sense, there is nothing that is less simple than simple truth.

Even my many enemies admit that I am highly intelligent and have been there and done that, but I am still discovering new "common sense" ideas and new "simple truths" every DAY.

I have met many, many geniuses like William Shockley, who invented the transistor, and every one of them sounds like he just arrived on Planet Earth yesterday. They are always talking breathlessly about a new idea they have run into.

These real geniuses couldn't be less like the popular idea of a Scholar, Mommy Professor's Intellectual.. The Scholar is pictured as repeating Aristotle or Ancient Wisdom or Political Correctness. Real intellectuals are the exact opposite.

Our comments on "It is Time for Heresy" and GC7 are the same way.

No one is trying to impress anybody. There are no big words.

One thing that is funny is that we all look down on Conspiracy mongers.

But, in the truest sense of the word, we ARE a Conspiracy. We are in cahoots and in collusion.

We are a conspiracy to tell the truth.

And it IS a conspiracy. We are getting together and conspiring about how to change the world. That is the very definition of a conspiracy.

After all, the "secrets" of white advancement have always been so simple no one could figure them out. The Romans found that a hundred men who acted as a unit could defeat any number of men attacking randomly.

The "secret" of Western science is that one takes a basic idea and follows it with a rigidity no Eastern philosopher can even imagine. Newton took gravity and explained the universe, but it was because he excluded everything BUT gravity.

Face it, gang, YOU are the only REAL, WORKING Conspiracy around.