The subject is always comparison of blacks to whites, an easier task. What is the place for East Asians in your Weltanschauung? Their IQs are close to whites but they are not as creative.

Maybe you ought to give us a required reading list or something so we can understand this way of thinking and this world view, to help us FEEL what it was back then.

Comment by Al Parker


There is no reading list outside of WOL for this.

As soon as we won the long, lone battle to show that all races have not "been proven by modern anthropology to be equal in inherited abilities" the obsession with IQ went ballistic. I have written piece after piece after piece, after piece after piece after piece about it RIGHT HERE, and you didn't see ONE of them. More likely, like everybody else, you saw them and blanked them out.

Gasp! Let me repeat it AGAIN: Without white people, humanity will be a very large ant colony FOREVER. Your blacks will deteriorate; your East Asians will stagnate. ALL groups have a right to survival, so this is not needed as an argument for our right to survive. But all groups do not have an EQUAL right to survive, any more than, in your belief system, every animal has as much right to survive as mankind does.

If all men are created equal, then I am dehumanizing other races. You make the rules, so you have to judge them accordingly. "Blacks deteriorate, Orientals stagnate, whites CREATE." I can't see how you missed that, but most people do. In THAT sense whites are what might say that I call the only humans.

It's just TRUE. If you can't live with it, you can join the 21st century version of the Amish, but don't act like you can't understand it. Even the Amish don't deny they understand gasoline engines.

You will see this IQ obsession in Stormfront. And no matter how often I explain the creativity side, to quote Kipling,

The bitch returns to her vomit,

The hog returns to her mire

And the burnt fool's bandaged fingerG

oes wabbling back to the fire.

I hope you are not a fool. I hope you will say you understand, you simply want to be New Amish. I am not sure I want you to get off this kick. It sure gets me down to basics.