Publications are only allowed if they pass muster under the established religion. The European immigration as the earliest in America, the actual Clovis Point civilization, got by saying it mean that America was actually a "melting pot." So the European settlement had nothing to do with whites.

As we find fact after fact contradicting Political Correctness, Guilt for Indians, you are going to see this sort of casuistry among our Jesuits of Political Correctness.

Everything here INTERCONNECTS. That's why I kept mentioning that almost every BBC documentary ends like a sermon, with a five-minute discussion of how everything that went before falls into the True Faith of Political Correctness, just as every sermon must end with a return to its lesson For The Faith.

The Neanderthal documentaries I saw emphasized that interbreeding was the key.

The real point has never been popular with any established faith. They see each contradiction of the present theory as an AMENDMENT to present theory. It is never seen as a reminder that the whole approach could be simply WRONG.

It reminds me of the Russian attempt to breed tradable fur animals. They had a fox or wolf with beautiful fur, but were impossible to domesticate, so they bred a tamable version. The problem was that the tamable one had tame, puppy like PHYSICAL characteristics. It also had a puppy like FUR, spotted like the very young of the species.

Tens of millions of people know about this, but I am afraid I am the only one who noticed that it makes mincemeat of the idea that a certain breed's OUTSIDE LOOKS reflects it important genes.

Everything here interconnects, and I long to teach you to look for those interconnections. I have repeatedly mentioned that it is the white man who is the cold weather race, it is Oriental. We have the least protection of any race against our environment. Blacks still have endless number soft types of genes to deal with the various horrible environments in Africa.

There are two ways for any animal to survive. It can take the best environment or it can ADAPT to a bad one. Highly poisonous snakes often sport very bright colors. Defenseless snakes, unless they are mocking the poisonous ones, blend into the background. The key to where whites live, in temperate areas, is that they have none of the protection blacks have in multitudes, and that Orientals have for cold.

Which I think explains why the Chinese, who have often had a unity and numbers and technology with which any European country would have conquered the world, never even ventured into India, much less Europe.