"Third World" is the code word for "colored" and we all know it.

There is a rich white world and a poor colored world. Every year thousands of academics are paid billions of dollars to pour out rivers of ink arguing that this is an accident.

I seriously doubt that deep down they or anybody else really believes this.

Meanwhile back on earth the color line is the line which divides lands that are high in infant mortality, hunger, disease, and poverty from the opposite. People of color all over the world are desperately trying to get into countries which have white-skinned majorities.

The only countries today that are both white and poor are those which until recently were Communist. That is to say that the only countries today that are white and poor were ruled by those same Leftist Intellectuals who now insist the color of the Third World is an accident.

Oddly enough, both liberals and the IQ-obsessed people liberals call racists agree that skin color means nothing. The Jensen-Herrnstein worshippers say that the color of the skin is really something that happens to overlap with IQ. They all agree that skin color is just superficial, and that something Deeper and More Profound is involved.

Meanwhile, I see a world in which reality is divided by skin color.

I suggest that what you see may well be what you get, which is why we have eyes in the first place.

White people do not have black skins and sickle cells in their blood as a defense against malaria as do blacks.

White people do not have the epicanthric eye folds that Mongoloids have. These are the eye folds that make their eyes look "squinted" -- "slant-eyed" -- to outsiders.

What whites do have is decoration. Whites have blond and red hair and different eye colors, which helped them compete with each other for mates. Unlike other races, whites developed less to compete with the environment and more to compete with each other.

I think that a race is white because it takes the climatic high ground. Other races developed to deal with extreme cold (Mongoloid) and extreme heat (the black races).