Conservatives whine and they cry about how biased the press is against them. Then they do exactly what the liberals tell them to, and the bias just gets worse.

So they whine some more, then do exactly the same thing again.

One after another, conservatives denounce "Racism." They scream and they yell at anybody who is further right than they are about white people. They shriek "racist" and "Nazi" at anyone the left does not approve of. They say that if they cut enough "racist" throats, those sweet, fair liberals will see that they are not racists and approve of them.

So what would any sane person expect to happen?

The minute you denounce everybody to your right on race as a "Nazi," the liberals start denouncing YOU as a Nazi. After all, it was YOU who made the screaming of Nazi so legitimate.

Justin Raimondo is a columnist I had begun to enjoy reading. But like so many others, he suddenly went into hysterics with a wild attack on a major portion of the right that is just what the leftists ordered.

Raimondo just let out a poisoned-pig shriek about how anybody who wants to limit immigration or has any concerns about immigration and integration is not merely a racist, but a NAZI -- or at least a Nazi sympathizer ( December 4, 2000).

It turns out that one of the people he says is working with these "Nazis" is David Horowitz. Horowitz is a Jew, but when these nutcases start shrieking Nazi, no factual information can get in the way.

This Raimondo character considers himself a libertarian, but he has no interest whatsoever in anything but racial heresy. He indicates that anybody who doesn't go after the minority vote -- which is just a code word for pandering to the left -- is some kind of Nazi or in collaboration with Nazis.

Worst of all, Raimondo specifically identifies any belief in racial purity with Nazism.

Why are so many self-proclaimed "libertarians" interested only in a person's stand on race and not on his stand on FREEDOM?

It is not a person's stand on race that makes him a Nazi. That is what liberals want us to say. It is one's stand on FREEDOM that makes one a totalitarian, either Fascist or Communist. You can be a perfectly good right-wing totalitarian with no racial views at all. Franco of Spain and Salazar of Portugal followed a policy of "assimilacion," the intermarriage of whites and blacks to form a single fascist nation.

It is not racial or economic theories that make one a Nazi or a Communist. Willy Brandt was a Democratic Socialist and a leading anti-Communist as mayor of West Berlin. The point is not his economic theory, but the fact that he was for FREEDOM against TOTALITARIANISM.

Practically every congressman and senator before 1960 disapproved of racial intermarriage, including that civil rights hero, Harry Truman. Following Raimondo's logic, the army that invaded Normandy was Nazi, because it was segregated.

Liberals love that kind of talk on the right, because it makes their own witch-hunts and denunciations successful. But the Raimondos of the world think that it makes the right safe from being accused of "racism" if they shout the word loud enough. It never works.

All it does is make it that much easier for liberals to denounce all of us.