ANOTHER PC SPIN | 2002-04-27

I know leftists are having a field day attacking religion because of the Catholic scandal about child molestation. I hate that, but it is no excuse.

"Only a percent or two of priests are accused." How many populations outside of ex-cons have one or two percent of their numbers accused of a single felony? In any case, this too is an excuse for absolutely nothing.

The overwhelming majority of those molested were teenaged boys.

But homosexuals are an Officially Protected Minority, so we cannot blame homosexual priests. So someone has come up with a word for someone who goes after teenage boys. They say those perverts are something different from homosexuals, you see.

This is the kind of Politically Correct crap that got the Church into this mess in the first place. See February 23, 2002 - WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CHURCHES APPEAL TO A HIGHER MORAL AUTHORITY.