The first time I heard the Preamble to the Soviet Constitution was when a professor read it in class. I laughed out loud.

Nobody else saw the joke.

That Preamble said that the Soviet Union would be a union of "workers, peasants, soldiers, AND INTELLECTUALS."

No ten-year-old would fall for that crap.

Let's say that several ten-year-olds were talking about setting up a country. One of the kids says, "OK, Tommy, You'll be the soldier. You'll do the fighting and get your leg blown off. Will, you'll be the peasant. You'll spend your whole day out in the mud and grow all our food. Frank, you'll be the worker. You'll spend all day in the factory."

Naturally, being intelligent ten-year-olds, Tom and Will and Frank will ask, "So what will you be doing?"

To which the guy setting things up will reply, "I'll be the intellectual. I'll sit around and tell you what to do."

No reasonably intelligent ten-year-old would be taken in by that line.

But leftist intellectuals would not question that line. A room full of students in class with me saw nothing funny about it.

I laughed out loud. I laughed out loud because I was more than ten years old and I had a mind to prove it.

It had never occurred to the rest of my class that there was anything funny about this crap.