An 87-year-old British woman who spied for Stalin says she would do it again. She will never be prosecuted. She is a media heroine in Britain.

General Pinochet was the Chilean ruler who overthrew Communist rule in his country. He is now being extradited from Britain to Spain. A British court has ruled that the 83-year-old Pinochet must be sent to Spain for trial. He is to be tried there for actions that occurred under his rule IN CHILE.

Unlike Stalin, Pinochet ended his rule by turning Chile over to an elected government. Unlike Stalin, Pinochet had no agents trying to subvert the governments of other countries around the world. None of that matters. All that matters is that Pinochet was a rightist, and the old lady who spied for Stalin in Britain was a leftist. No former Communist has ever been tried for what happened under their regime. No Leftist will ever be tried for this sort of thing (See December 5, 1998, article, "Only the Right Can Incite").

Margaret Thatcher denounced Pinochet's extradition as a "judicial kidnapping... which would do credit to a police state."

Some years ago, an American who put Nazi propaganda on the Internet FROM HIS HOME IN THE UNITED STATES was seized in Denmark and sent to Germany for trial. German law prohibits Americans from putting pro-Nazi propaganda on the Internet in America, since it can be read in Germany. So this American is in prison there for four years.

American publications, of course, backed this kidnapping of an American. You see, they said, this guy was "hiding behind the first amendment" in the United States. Those were the words they all used.

Interesting. None of these publications ever says that repeat felons are "hiding behind the Bill of Rights" when they are let off. In those cases, the criminals are just "exercising their civil rights."

In the 1950s, witness after witness went before the House Committee on UnAmerican activities and refused to answer the question, "Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?" They claimed their right to refuse to testify against themselves under the Fifth Amendment. No one in the liberal media said they were "hiding behind" the Fifth Amendment.

Documents found in KGB files now make it clear that Soviet penetration into the highest levels of the United States Government existed at a level liberals denied hotly until very, very recently. But they would be the first to insist that this did not justify taking constitutional protection away from American citizens.

Liberals insist that the protections of the United States Constitution should not be denied to Americans even to protect real United States security interests. But they are all for allowing foreign countries to kidnap an American to protect Germany. It is necessary to protect Germany from a revival of the Third Reich, a revival which will be caused by the propaganda of one American.

And that is the least of it. Would we praise an action that takes a leftist American away from the protection of the United States Constitution and kidnaps them into countries where those protections do not exist?

What do you think liberals would have said if one of those Americans suspected of being Communists had been extradited to Spain or South Africa, where they could not claim the protection of the Fifth Amendment? Would liberals have approved of that?

Liberals would have gone ballistic. So would respectable conservatives.

Every respectable conservative publication in America either backed this kidnapping of an American or stayed silent.

Conservatives were too cowardly to say anything when the American Nazi was kidnapped. But even some of these cowardly morons are beginning to see a pattern developing with the seizure of Pinochet.

Obviously, what happened to Pinochet is entirely a result of the fact that he was an anti-Communist, while those who helped Stalin are heroic. Many conservatives are upset about Pinochet. Now they are feeling a little bit threatened. The threat is beginning to dawn even on these cowardly numbskulls.

I keep sounding this warning: anything that can be done to anyone by the left not only CAN be done to you, it WILL be done to you (See September 11, 1999 article, "Waco: Conservative Cowardice and Stupidity Helped It Happen").