ANN COULTER | 2003-07-26

The only thing I admire about Ann Coulter is her mind. The fact that she is a great looking blond means nothing to a purely philosophical person like Bob Whitaker.

You can sure tell I was in politics, can't you? I wrote that with a perfectly straight face.

No, Virginia, I don't believe it either.

All I have read of Ann Coulter's latest book is its main title. The book is about the liberal record of hatred for America. The book is about liberals always being on the side of America's enemies.

If Tucker Carlson or William Buckley or any other respectable conservative were writing that book the title would be "How Well-Meaning Idealists on the American Patriotic Left Have Sometimes Made Honest Mistakes About What Approach to Foreign Policy Has Been Best for America."

Coulter's title is


To be a respectable conservative, 1) You have to prove to the liberals who dominate the media that you are harmless and 2) You have to praise liberals to the skies. Respectable conservatives have to say that every liberal is personally lovable, honest, patriotic, idealistic, well-meaning, highly intelligent, highly intellectual, and a string of other wonderful characteristics that make the Boy Scout Qualities look like a string of insults by comparison.

Ann Coulter knows that history shows that liberals cannot be 1) patriotic AND 2) intelligent.

Ann Coulter knows that history shows an intelligent person cannot be 1) well-meaning and 2) liberal.

Leftists are nasty little people and what they are doing is either treason or they are too mentally retarded to know the difference.

I like the fact that Ann Coulter gives no quarter to this scum.

Well, what do you know? When I get past the photograph, I DO admire Ann Coulter for her mind!