Being black and ignored by the media, Alan Keyes is the only Republican candidate who dares say anything. In the morass of tongue-tied, silly conservatives, he is a major relief. When he appeared on Crossfire, he was a welcome relief from the usual format of conservative mindlessness and gutlessness.

When Bill Press, of whom all conservatives are terrified, jumped on Keyes about opposing military action in Kosovo, Keyes hopped right back at him. Conservatives NEVER talk back to liberals. So when a conservative actually gets tough with a liberal, the liberal acts like he has been bitten by a bunny rabbit. The shock is immense. Press backed down immediately.

Keyes played the race card. He pointed out that the United States took action in Kosovo on rumors of tens of thousands of deaths. Meanwhile a hundred thousand people die every year in the Sudanese crisis, but there is no question of the US taking action there. And he pointed out that there had been a deliberate distortion to get the Kosovo numbers as high as they were reputed to be.

It was wonderful to see a conservative on Crossfire pretending to be a man for a change. Keyes said the decision to go into Kosovo rather than Sudan "wasn't really racial," so he wouldn't sound like Jesse Jackson. But he didn't specify anything else it might be. Actually, the decision was very racial indeed, but not for the reason that Keyes implies. American policy in Kosovo has nothing to do with humanitarianism or the fact that people are being butchered. As General Wesley Clark made very, very clear, the purpose of American policy in Europe is to enforce multiculturalism (See June 12, 1999 article, "Busing By Bomber"). American killing in Europe is an exact parallel to using troops in American to enforce integration and calling out the National Guard in Boston to enforce busing.

It is true that American policy is racist, and that racism is the reason the United States bombed and killed Serb civilians but never even considered action in the Sudan. The fact is that there is a racial policy, but this racial policy is only aimed at one race.

The United States is not interested in bringing non-blacks into Africa, or in enforcing any kind of multiethnic policy on that continent. Likewise, the United States demands open borders for immigration into Europe and the breaking down of European cultures by forcing every country to be multicultural. We are willing to kill to break down European cultures, and we have said so.

Since Wesley Clark wore a uniform when he announced this policy of killing to enforce a multiethnic society on every European country, no conservative is going to object. Clark specifically declared this policy is aimed at EUROPE. The United States has no interest in bringing immigrants into Japan or China, or in requiring those countries to become multiethnic. Henry Ford once said that "You can buy a Ford in any color, provided it is black." The United States has declared that it is dedicated to killing to enforce a multiethnic policy on countries of every color, so long as they are white.

So Keyes is perfectly correct. America's "multiethnic" policy is indeed racist. But this is not because the United States Government likes the white race or any of the many white cultures. On the contrary, American policy is to enforce the final solution to whitey and each of his various cultures.

So, are any conservatives going to denounce this program of both cultural and ethnic genocide as racist? No. They will denounce this CRITICISM of cultural and ethnic genocide as racist.