No multi-racial country is a democracy, and no multi-racial country ever will be a democracy.

The future is pretty obvious. If we stay obsessed with today's news and don't attack the enemy bases like the universities, the left will use minorities to run the country into the ground.

Leftists are good at taking power, but everything they do is ridiculous. The same thing happened with Reconstruction after the Civil War. The same thing happened in Germany after World War I. The same thing happened in the Soviet Empire.

The worse things get the more extreme the reaction will eventually be. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

What will happen, as usual, is that the left will take power, make life intolerable, and cause a rightist reaction.

This election showed the white vote, especially in the South, moving steadily to the right. There is no longer such an animal as the "Southern Democrat." The last one was Zell Miller. Whites are no longer feeling guilty about being on the opposite side of the minorities. They are beginning to see that there is much more at stake here than polite disagreement.

Eventually they will begin to understand that their very SURVIVAL is at stake. But for now, the fact that they are beginning to vote as a bloc and moving to the right is a positive sign.

We could eventually end up with a white nationalist system like the segregated South. I was raised there, and it was a lot better for me and my descendants than the present situation, much less what is coming in the near future.

We may have to go through a period of outright dictatorship. It depends on how far we allow the left to go before we FINALLY go after their power base. Without their university power base, the left would collapse. Like the Reconstruction carpetbaggers, university-trained leftists have their foot on the neck of America. They march their minority vote to the polls the same way the carpetbaggers did.

We must destroy the liberal factories of leftism.